Hasslefree’s Boudi Is Shaping Up Nicely. Really Nicely

January 29, 2013 by dracs

A while back we got shown a piece of concept art for a new Celtic warrior woman named Boudi from Hasslefree.

Hasslefree - Boudi Art

Well now we have had a look at some of the greens for this fearsome Celtic leader and I have to say she is coming along well.

Hasslefree - Boudi Green 1

Hasslefree - Boudi Green 2

As you can see this piece is turning out to be yet another well sculpted woman from Hasslefree. Although some people have remarked that the sculpt appears to  lack some of the "sass" of the artwork, it is still good to see a miniature of a woman which is not, in the words of Hasslefree's Sally, "male figure and add breasts."

How do you guys think Boudi is shaping up? Will she be included in any of your games?

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