Knuckleduster Get Ready for More Stateside Wargaming

July 24, 2012 by brennon

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After the rather awesome looking Flotilla lads a few weeks ago, Knuckleduster are back with a new selection of naval soldiers for your fighting Stateside. Check out their new releases below...

State Militia Generals

"Most, if not all the State Militia Commanders wore old-style coats blue coats with either buff or red lapels and other facings. These are suitable for Peter Porter and other prominent citizen-soldiers of the state militias."

US Naval Detachment

"Commodore Barney's Flotillamen are famous for manning the heavy guns at Bladensburg, but twice as many of his sailors were armed as infantry and fought alongside the Marines in that battle. One figure features a boarding cap. Shoes were issued before the battle, so unlike sailors at sea, they wear shoes."

US Pioneer Roundabouts

"Pioneers were employed in large numbers in the Niagara campaign of 1814. Here are three, with axes, saws, and shovels. All have muskets and leather aprons as well as the ubiquitous grey roundabout coat."

So will any of these fellows be making it into your historical forces? Personally I'm still in two minds about what era of history to delve into. I have SAGA on the go, but with all these Napoleonic and War of Independence models hanging around they are starting to draw me in.

What do you think?

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