The Local Flames Of War Vietnam Forces Sort Their HQ Out

December 20, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War has set up the Local Force Battalion HQ for Tour of Duty and those deadly engagements within the land of Vietnam. See what you think of them...

Local Forces Battalion HQ

This set comes with...

One Battalion HQ, one Machine-gun Platoon with optional HMG Nests & 12.7mm AA MG, one Gun Platoon, one Mortar Platoon

...and all the bases you need to get them set up on the tabletop. As you might imagine one of their greatest advantages was that they could blend in with the local population making it very hard to spot exactly who was going to pop up and shoot you in the back.

HMG Nests

Of all the things I spied in the boxed set I have to say that these HMG Nests are my favourite. They might be simple but they are incredibly effective and look cool in the same breath. I wonder if 'well it's so well camouflaged I didn't see it' is a good enough way to avoid the attention of your enemy on the tabletop?

Do you play as the PAVN?