Musketeer Miniatures Charge with the Turkish Ghulams

September 6, 2012 by brennon

Musketeer Miniatures have finished off Vortigern and his right hand man, but they have also sorted out a few charging Turkish Ghulams too!

Junior Turkish Ghulams

First up are the Turkish Ghulams ready to ride into battle clad in their scaled armour. Ghulams were once slaves, taken by their masters and trained until they were at the peak of fighting strength. They were then drafted into full service, riding to battle with spear and mace.

Vortigern Finished

As mentioned above Vortigern has also been finished and now the shield bearing companion has the option to add a standard instead. Should be great when you work this into a full force for Dark Age Britain.

Will you be heading to the Middle East or staying in the rainy lands of Albion?

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