Napoleonic Battles! Poland 1812 Part 2!

July 4, 2014 by crew

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DISCLAIMER: The action may seem a bit vague here and there, but due to having to play as well as try and see what is happening all over the table keeping track of everything is a bit tricky. Also, due to the size, this battle will be fought over a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

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The current situation for the French is starting to look bleak. All eyes look to Napoleon. From his horse on the central road, Napoleon looks around, surveys the battlefield. The Emperor narrows his eyes and says "Continue the attack".

To the North, the French continue to fight for control of the bridge. A small number of French skirmishers rush to the river bank and fire into the mass of Russians pinning them in place. Light casualties are inflicted, but the Russians soak it up. The Russians reply with some long range artillery. A few French casualties are caused.

French Flank

Back in the center, the blood bath within the walled town continued. The French continued to fight with the Russians in brutal hand-to-hand combat, gaining a small upper-hand, but the Russians continued to hold on, refusing to break from the town.

Sounds of more long-range artillery from the bridge echo across the battlefield, but this time, with the French returning fire. A few casualties are inflicted again on both sides.

Other than units manoeuvring into better positions, the only combat continues in the town.

Charge 2

Battling continues, but with no major change, however, the Russians manage to force more troops into the town to reinforce the combat.

Typical Napoleonic tactics start to take effect. Well-trained French troops vs. Weight of numbers in the Russians. Who will prevail?

As the Russians pour in, they rush to reinforce their comrades already in combat and start to push the French back, into the depths of the town.

While the combat grows in intensity, Russian artillery swings around the south of the town to engage the French on the central road. The French respond with artillery of their own, including the use of a mighty 12pdr battery.

French Guns 2

Back in the North, Russian cavalry sweeps past the walled church, and the French cavalry rides from the central road to meet them.

French Cavalry 1

The Russians within the church build up barricades to defend themselves.

Walled Church 1

Returning to the town, the French manage to continue to hold on as the overwhelming numbers of Russians continue to attempt to push them out of the town.

As the French try to move more infantry to reinforce the town, a Russian cavalry charge manages to catch them in the flank. The result is short, sharp and bloody... for the French. An entire unit cut down in one swoop. The Russian cavalry ride back, celebrating and, worst of all, carrying the French colours.

Throughout the smoke and cannon fire, French forces start appearing on the southern road. The original six Lancers lead the way. Behind...

Lancers 1

...two horse-gun batteries and a large number of heavy cavalry. The Russian cavalry behind the guns see the arrival and move to intercept.

French Cavalry 2

In the North, the Russians move more artillery into position and pound the French. Casualties are inflicted, but it could have been much worse for the French. As the battle continues, the intensity increases.

Russian Reinforcements

On the south road, as the French horse-guns move out of the wooded area, they are both attacked by the Russian Cossacks who have continued to lurch around. One attack is seen off, but the second attack manages to get through. Although no casualties are caused, the artillerymen are shaken. The Cossacks are repelled.

Russian Guns 3

In the town, the Russians force the French to the edge of the town, and eventually, manage to force the remaining French troops out of the built up area. As the French move back to reform what formations they are able to after almost constant combat, they try to count the casualties. Although figures of infantry casualties are hard to gain during the battle, one this is clear. The French General is not among the number. The French Colonel, seriously wounded is with them and refuses medical aid, vowing that he will see the town taken under a French banner.

Walled Town 1

In the town, one Russian Colonel had suffered a wound after leading a charge to drive out the French. The other Colonel and General, having arrived with the reinforcements, start the garrison procedure and get the infantry to work on re-barricading the town in preparation for another attack.

French Advance 3

Back in the south, the French Lancers and the first wave of Russian cavalry charge and engage. Only one French Lancer is killed in the combat. Both return to their forces in preparation for all-out combat.

Napoleon looks around again, still on the central road. His outflanking manoeuvre had been spotted. His forces had been driven out of the town and his forces were still being held at the bridge. Things were looking grim...

...To be continued

This game has been played using a modified version of the In The Grand Manner rules set. It has been modified to be as historically accurate as possible!

Matt Buck

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"The French Colonel, seriously wounded is with them and refuses medical aid, vowing that he will see the town taken under a French banner..."

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