Take To The Napoleonic Seas With Capitan Miniatures

January 8, 2013 by brennon

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If the open ocean is calling to you, especially during the Napoleonic period then how about these new models from Capitan Miniatures? Check out both US and Spanish Officers below...

US Navy Captains

US Navy Lieutenants

First up are the US Naval Officers in both Captain and Lieutenant form. While the Captains are cool looking the Lieutenants seem as if they could handle themselves a bit better in a fight. I quite like the ones with top hats!

Spanish Navy Captains

Next are the Spanish Captains looking a tad more flamboyant aboard their mighty vessels. Now the only thing you need is a couple of ships to fight a deadly boarding action over.

Sailors Rowing

Sailors Climbing

In the absence of a ship you can always paint up these crewmen in different states of action. Some are climbing the rigging and others are rowing as the ship enters the shallows.

What do you think of these Napoleonic additions?

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