Ready the Napoleonic Artillery with Offensive Miniatures

January 13, 2012 by brennon

Offensive Miniatures have bought out a stunning Historical miniature set, the Napoleonic Artillery. Check out some painted miniatures below...

French Artillery #1

They are offering two different sets, each with a complete crew and piece of artillery to bring to bear. All the crew are free standing and come in different poses, each wearing Pre-1812 Bardin regulation uniforms. You can see the other crew set below in the diorama.

French Artillery Sets

And if you buy two of these massive gun sets you can also get your hands on some casualty bases to bring a bit of character to the battlefield.

French Artillery Broken Cannon

Really is some great pieces of kit here, and incredibly well detailed. So if your a Historical nut maybe this will be something for you.

Any Historical gamers out there going to pick these up?

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