Run Out the Guns for a Naval Warfare Kickstarter

August 3, 2012 by brennon

The Run Out the Guns Kickstarter is an interesting one. Laser Dream Works have been crafting ships for naval warfare on the table top but they also need your help so they can begin casting cannons and miniatures for the decks of these ocean going craft.

British Brig

Pirate Brigantine


Above are just a few of the ships they craft using laser cutting. But without cannons, these ships are pretty much just floating transports. With the funds from the Kickstarter they will be able to add Cannons to all of their ships, as well as miniatures to crew them.

Cannon & Miniature

Here is a prototype of one of the cannons, designed for an American ship. Could this be leading to an awesome naval warfare game? And for those of you enjoy the Dark Ages they also craft a Viking Longship (I dug this one out mainly because I liked it I think!)

Viking Longship

So what do you reckon, is this a Kickstarter worth putting your money behind?

Let us know below what you think of naval warfare!

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