Pro Gloria Release their next Historical Wave

March 29, 2012 by brennon

Pro Gloria have been hard at work getting their next wave of miniatures ready for us lucky lot. You have seen some of these models as Work-in-Progress before, but here are the final painted versions of their New Wave...

Götz von Berlichingen Kaiser Maximilian I and Frundsberg

First up is this series of historical figures, Götz von Berlichingen, Kaiser Maximilian I and Frundsberg...

"Götz von Berlichingen became famous in the Swabian-Pesant-War (1525) where he led the peasants to (not so) glourious deeds and became a prisoner after the war was fought. His judgment became his doom and he had to stay at his castle in southern Germany.

Kaiser Maximilian I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation who described his self as the supporter of the Landsknechts. Actually, I doubt that he fought within the pike-blocks but I can really imagine a Kaiser in his best armour watching his soldiers fighting. This miniature represents the emperor in his mid-years - more variations will follow.

Georg von Frundsberg is the most famous maneuverer and a knight of the early 16th century. He became popular in the Italian wars especially in the battle of Pavia (1525). He got the nickname of "father of Landsknechts" from his soldiers and historians."

Hunting Party

Dancing Bear


Above is also some more of the models released in the new wave, painted and looking pretty damn awesome. I quite like the Hunting Party as an addition to an Empire Huntsman skirmish group perhaps?

Gambling Soldiers

The last of the releases is this diorama of Gambling Soldiers. All their hard earned money from the forces being spent as a distraction from the battles going on around them. Would be great in both a historical and fantasy setting.

Which is your favourite from this wave?

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