War in the Land of the Rising Sun

November 18, 2010 by lloyd

Wargames Illustrated

My copy of Wargames Illustrated just arrived in the studio today and I’m a very pleased it did.

On our recent trip to Gamesday UK we had a chance to meet up with Alan and Michael Perry (two of the most renowned sculptors in wargaming, click here for some info.) and I have to say they’re two very cool guys. We had a look around in one of their gaming rooms and it was stuffed full of fabulous army’s not to mention an extensive collection of authentic uniforms, armour and swords etc. In fact I was at one point holding a sword in my hand that was over five thousand years old (yes 5000!).

So to the point, they had a huge range of Samurai that instantly caught my eye. I have been thinking about building a Samurai army for ages, in fact ever since playing Shogun Total War and this month Wargames Illustrated is full of articles based on Medieval Japan and looks like it could be just what I need to get my new army kick started.

Wargames Illustrated

I’m drawn to the idea of having a Samurai army quite simply because of how cool they look, the armour, masks, weapons, standards, rocket war machines and the abundance of colours, what’s not to like! But I will hold my hands up and tell the truth, I know nothing about Samurai that’s why I’m so pleased, I’m going to have a good read over Wargames Illustrated this weekend and see if I can get to grips with Medieval Japan.

Now I wasn’t planning on going to historical with my army in fact I was thinking of going down the fantasy side and creating a cool Samurai army that includes oriental style dragons and magic, and then maybe try to coming up with a Warhammer Fantasy/Kings of War army book for it.

Anyway guys I just thought I would point it out. If you’re into Medieval Japan then Issue 278 of Wargames Illustrated maybe just what the doc ordered.

Right I’m off to actually read it! Oh and here’s a link to the Samurai Section on Perry Miniatures.

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