Warlord Games & Arsenal Miniatures Team Up!

October 15, 2013 by brennon

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Warlord Games have joined forces with Arsenal Miniatures run by Andrea Magnani to bring you some very nice looking miniatures for the era of their Pike & Shotte game. See what you think of some of his work below...

Spanish Heavy Cavalry

Mounted Arquebusier

Above is one of his Heavy Cavalry figures and then another mounted soldier with all his ammo and rifle, a Mounted Arquebusier. The range is a fledgling one but I reckon it should be an awesome addition to the existing collection for Pike & Shotte.

I have been pretty interested in all the Warlord Games games nowadays and I have picked up Bolt Action myself. I am very much looking forwards to seeing more Pike & Shotte though as it would be the area of history I would plump for after World War II.

You can see more about this partnership by checking out the link HERE.

Are you looking forwards to it?

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