Warlord Provide Battle Ready Bastions for the Civil War Guns

October 14, 2013 by dracs

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Are you looking to recreate the iconic battles of the English Civil War, but lack the appropriate terrain? Well fear not as Warlord Games have revamped their Pike and Shotte Battle-Ready Gun Bastion!

Battle-ready Gun Bastion

Battle-ready Gun Bastion 2

Battle-ready Gun Bastion 3

These pieces are now complete resin, making them much more durable, and the earth and planking have been made far more realistic in looks.

This terrain kit is of course best suited for the battlefields of Pike and Shotte, but it could easily be applied to other time periods. Add a few modern rifles littered around and you have a machine gun emplacement from WWI.

Will you be ducking for cover behind this bastion?

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