Add a New Gun Battery for Your Sergeants Miniatures Game

June 30, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Lost Battalion Games has announced a new expansion for their Sergeants Miniatures Game called the Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion. Now for you that are unfamiliar with this game, such as I was, this game is kind of a hybrid between a miniatures tabletop wargame and a board game. It uses an unique game play system of cards and interlocking tiles to create the game surface. The miniatures come pre-painted and are made of pewter.

Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion

The expansions such as  Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion come with 3 dimensional terrain pieces and added scenarios to take you through more battles. The game beyond the basic set has unique characters with individualized serial numbers that effect game play.

Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion 2

This terrain piece is pretty colourful and will add some relief to an over-wise flat game board. I will defiantley be on the look out for these guys at GenCon in August.

Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion 4

I am always looking for alternatives to get in a quick game to satisfy my hunger for a good battle, will you be charging the bunker?

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