ArmyBits Showcase More Upcoming 15mm US Cold War Soldiers

March 14, 2023 by brennon

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ArmyBits have been showing off a lot more of their upcoming US soldiers which you can use for your Cold War-era wargames and Modern engagements on the tabletop. The focus has been on bulking out the US army in 15mm with a whole host of small soldiers.

Command Figures - ArmyBits

Command Figures // ArmyBits

There is a good spread of different miniatures that you can use to build up your forces. I've picked out just a few of the miniatures here but there are plenty more over on their Facebook Page. The first of these (pictured above) is the set of Command Figures including a Medic who is tending to a wounded soldier and a couple of Radio Operators.

They can then be used alongside your core set of Infantry and Squad Leaders who are hoofing it across the battlefield.

Infantry & Squad Leaders - ArmyBits

Infantry & Squad Leaders // ArmyBits

I like the amount of kit that these soldiers have been given to lug around with them. It makes you feel like these soldiers have been on campaign for a little while. You've also got them in a range of different poses with some firing, running and kneeling.

As well as your core infantry, you've also got some specialist weapons for you to tinker with including the likes of these GPMG.

GPMG - ArmyBits

GPMG // ArmyBits

If you want to blow the tracks off some armour then you've also got access to the LAW Team who are getting ready to take out approaching vehicles.

LAW Team - ArmyBits

LAW Team // ArmyBits

The addition of the dropped rifle on the base is neat and shows that this soldier might have switched to their heavy weapon in the heat of the moment. It's all about building little stories and telling interesting narratives with your miniatures!

As well as the Infantry for your US army, you can also bring in your vehicles! A Jeep has been showcased over on Facebook armed with a hefty machine gun!

US Jeep - ArmyBits

US Jeep // ArmyBits

You'll want to go and check out more over on social media as there looks to be a tank and a bunch of support vehicles rolling onto tabletops soon too. Make sure to keep an eye out for these releases coming in the near future!

What do you make of these new 15mm Moderns?

"It's all about building little stories and telling interesting narratives with your miniatures! "

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