Band Of Brothers: Epic Battles Battle Pack One Now On Kickstarter

January 23, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Worthington Publishing is back on Kickstarter with the newest expansion for their hex and counter game Band of Brothers. Epic Battles Battle Pack One (say that five times fast) is the latest expansion to expand your WWII games.

This game is an expansion set to the Band Of Brothers game series. It is four epic battles that are larger scenarios that are games themselves. They use a giant hard mounted game board, almost two feet by three feet, that is double sided. One side is a snow landscape and the other a summer environment.

Winter Battlefield
All the counters you need are included in the battle pack but you must own either Screaming Eagles or Ghost Panzer for the base rules, player aid cards, status counters, etc.

What's Included In Epic Battlepack One?

  • Game Box
  • Approximately 22" x 34" double sided hard mounted game board
  • 1x sheet of all new game counters exclusive to the Epic Battle Pack
  • 2x sheets of counters (units from Ghost Panzer and Screaming Eagles for use in the Epic Battle Pack)
  • Specific Rules and 4 grand battle scenarios for Epic Battle Pack

The Epic Battles

  • EPIC Scenario 45 (Map 27) - Ivan Kommen - East of Minsk, Belorussia, 1st July 1944: 3 companies of Russian infantry, bolstered later by T34s, SUs, Submachine Gun Squads attack the hills across the open ground against a retreating group of German infantry reinforced by ad hoc units of vehicles and Panzer Grenadiers.
  • EPIC Scenario 46 (Map 27) - A Tall Order - Hill 246.3, south-west of Prokhorovka, Russia, 6th July 1943: As part of the battle of Kursk, the 2nd SS Panzer Corps push North into the salient. Attacking along the axis of the hill, the run into the 154th Guards Rifle Division.
  • EPIC Scenario 47 (Map 28) - Death Struggle in the Snow - Berestovaya, Donets, Russia, 26th December 1941: German infantry and ground support aircraft try to hold the village for the winter against attacks by lots of infantry and light tanks.
  • EPIC Scenario 48 (Map 28) - Seize and Hold - Regne, Belgium, 23rd December 1944: During the Battle of the Bulge, a hasty force from the 82nd Airborne occupy the village of Regne on the unit's right flank. The 2nd SS Panzer Division, "Das Reich," attack and drive them from the village.

I have always been a fan of this kind of game and we all know Oriskany is as well. I would love to get his thoughts on this game.

So, when you are ready to command some troops and go against the enemy on a different scale why not take a look at Band of Brothers.

Do you play hex and counter games?

" must own either Screaming Eagles or Ghost Panzer for the base rules, player aid cards, status counters, etc."

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