Brickmania Show Off Impressive Collection Of World War II LEGO

June 11, 2015 by brennon

Brickmania have a whole bunch of interesting kits made out of LEGO using piles of bricks and other components put together in new designs. One of their ranges is the selection of World War II Vehicles, some of which you can see below...


As you can see above the vehicles are looking superb and you even get a little LEGO man to go with it as part of the awesomeness. It's not just planes that they've been making though...

World War II Vehicles

See what you think of some of the rest of the range. This is by no means all of it but it gives you an idea of the type of options open to you...



IS-2 Heavy Tank


One of the most impressive things about these kits is that they come with a range of additional options for making your vehicles fit in. They have transfers, cool extra components like guns and the tanks have those impressive tank tracks which are made by the designer.

Could this be a little vanity project for a LEGO and World War II lover?

Let us know!

"Could this be a little vanity project for a LEGO and World War II lover?"

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