Claymore Castings Release French Nobles & The Black Prince

September 24, 2021 by brennon

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Claymore Castings has a couple of new releases for those diving into 14th Century Medieval warfare on the tabletop. There are a couple of new French Nobles for you to check out starting with King Philip VI Of France on his charger.


King Phillip VI Of France Mounted // Claymore Castings

This 28mm scale metal miniature gives you the king atop his horse with axe and shield at the ready. He has already blocked an English arrow aimed at him and is now ready to bring his axe down atop the head of some unfortunate soldier. I always like seeing the miniatures from Claymore as they are full of dynamism and look poised and ready for battle.

The second of the miniatures from Claymore is the brother of the king. Here we have Count Alencon Of France who is about to brain someone with a mace.


Count Alencon Of France Mounted // Claymore Castings

Once again, the miniature is shown in the midst of battle. We have a lot of cavalry in wargaming which is just trotting forward so it's nice that (as mentioned above) these miniatures look like they could do some real damage. There is a shield in the set (not pictured) but gives you a pair of neat miniatures for use during the likes of Crecy.

The Black Prince

The last of the miniature packs that we wanted to show off is from the English side of the conflict. Here we have The Black Prince on foot alongside one of his Bodyguards.


The Black Prince & Bodyguard // Claymore Castings

This shows off both miniatures clad in full armour and only break down into a few pieces. The Black Prince is pretty much a single piece bar the shield and you only need to stick the hands onto the Bodyguard miniature.

With Crecy being a focal point for these releases, it makes sense that you'd include The Black Prince in the mix. If you're eager to play more Medieval battles on the tabletop then Claymore is a solid option.

Are you going to be picking these up and adding them to your collection?

"With Crecy being a focal point for these releases, it makes sense that you'd include The Black Prince in the mix..."

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