Hasslefree Have a Laugh With Their Joker Teaser

June 9, 2014 by dracs

Hasslefree Miniatures will soon be releasing another of their modern warfare troopers and have published a teaser showing us the finished model of the one they've named Joker.


Joker will be joining his team mates Alien and Harlequin in their forays into the combat of the modern era. The model itself comes with the option of taking either a RPG or a P90, allowing you to go for precision or wholesale carnage when Joker takes to the battlefield.

The model itself is a clean and excellent sculpt. The pose is believable and the attention to detail on the miniature is pretty good, especially in the folds of the clothing. It will be appearing as a resin master soon and will make an superb addition to the team.

What sort of games would you use Joker in?

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