Hasslefree Show Off Their Well Sculpted Guns

April 1, 2014 by dracs

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To get yourself some well sculpted guns, you either have to spend ages at the gym lifting weights or you could pick up the Woody and Alien sprues that Hasslefree have just been showing off.

Woody and Alien Sprews

Woody and Alien are two of the modern soldiers that Hasslefree have been working on, with Alien appearing as a resin master in the near future and both him and Woody getting released in metal next May.

These sprues show that Hasslefree have managed to get a good level of realistic detail into their weapon designs. These different alternatives look pretty crisp and should look quite good once painted up as part of a model.

Have you ever bought anything from Hasslefree? What is your opinion of the quality of their sculpts?

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