Get Off Your High Horse and March to War with Perry’s Foot Knights

June 18, 2014 by dracs

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Perry Miniatures are currently previewing their soon to be released box of plastic Foot Knights, starting by showing us the command minis of this new unit of noble warriors.

Perry Foot Knight Command

Perry Foot Knights Command

Here we see a commander, accompanied by the unit's standard bearer. The commander is apparently modeled after Richard III, however the other head options that will come in the box can all be used as well, should you wish that your King Richard go to war on horse back and you need someone else to command the Foot Knights.

Perry Foot Knight

Perry Foot Knight Command Sprue

These models look to continue Perry's high quality selection of historical minis. Knights on foot are a particularly welcome addition, as they can be adapted well for smaller, skirmish level games, where most companies will only really provide them on horseback.

Will you take to the field on foot, or on a horse?

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