New Indians Emerge From Wargames Factory’s Woods

January 1, 2015 by dracs

Wargames Factory are ringing in the new year by showing off some new images of their upcoming Woodland Indian box set, bringing you more woodland fighters than you can shake a tomahawk at.

Woodland Indians

Woodland Indians Sprue

Whoever sculpted these has done a fantastic job in making each of the models seem like a living, screaming individual, rather than just a bland mass of identical warriors. The set also has a lot of adaptability, offering collectors the chance to build them with a variety of poses or equipment ranging from bows to black powder muskets.

We first saw this set announced back in June so it is a relief to see it finally preparing to make an appearance. The set's adaptability makes these ideal for many gaming uses, most notably to recreate the French-Indian Wars in Black Powder, but I have a friend running an Indian warband in Legends of the old West who will definitely be happy to see this.

Do you think Wargames Factory's Woodland Indians might join your raiding bands?

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