New Late Saxon Huscarls March To Battle From Footsore

February 3, 2020 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures & Games has now added their range of Late Saxon Huscarls into the mix for those who adore a bit of Dark Age gaming. Leading the way we have the Huscarl Command element who would be great as leaders of men as the Vikings come a'knocking.

Late Saxon Huscarl Command - Footsore Miniatures

This set comes with a spear-armed warrior who is thrusting towards his foe, a bannerman who is ready to show the colours of your army and a hornblower who is signalling the next attack. You've also got a fourth character armed with a massive dane-axe who could well be a warlord if you were struggling to find an appropriate character amongst their existing range.

You can also grow this force and make it an elite option for the tabletop with a set wielding Spears...

Late Saxon Huscarls With Spears - Footsore Miniatures

...and another with traditional Hand Weapons. Both sets are great looking and they've managed to capture some really awesome battle poses in the sculpts. I really like this because it works perfectly for skirmish games where every character on the tabletop is in the midst of their own life or death struggle.

Late Saxon Huscarls With Hand Weapons - Footsore Miniatures

So, with that in mind, a tip of the hat has to go to Matt Bickley for sculpting up this collection as they are enough to start making me think about returning to the Dark Age. What really helps give the characters a sense of motion are the cloaks which are billowing in the wind as they fight. All of this looks very heroic!

Will you be snapping up these Late Saxons Huscarls?

"All of this looks very heroic!"

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