Mortal Gods Pre-Orders Begin Soon From War Banner

January 3, 2019 by brennon

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Mortal Gods is going through a full pre-order process towards the end of this month with a planned release later in 2019. The game from War Banner takes you back to the Ancient period at the head of Greek warbands vying for control of the lands.

Mortal Gods - War Banner

A selection of different miniatures have already been made available over on their webstore but there's also plenty more coming down the pipeline too from their team.

Polycratos of Thespis - Mortal Gods

A whole selection of great looking heroes are on the way, each with their own look and personality to them. It's one of the neat things that I like about the games and ranges that War Banner do, they all have something evocative about them, even their rank and file soldiers.

Sophanes of Athens - Mortal Gods

Additionally, considering the success that Gangs Of Rome and Test Of Honour has had, I can see this game going down very well. It has already had a lot of outings at various gaming shows and it looks like it has become a firm favourite for a lot of folks.

I'm particularly interested in them doing something mythical with the game in the future. Its roots are going to be solidly planted in the historical for the time being but there's plenty of time for them to develop more for it in supplements down the road.

Will you be getting stuck into Mortal Gods?

"Its roots are going to be solidly planted in the historical..."

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