Mount & Blade PC Game DLC Viking Conquest Coming Soon!

October 17, 2014 by brennon

A lot of you might have picked up the Mount & Blade games from TaleWorld in the past. Their base game alongside many expansions taking it into the Napoleonic era have been a great hit with historical gamers wanting to dive into the past. There have also been loads of mods for the game including one called Brytenwalda. Well, those mod creators and TaleWorld have teamed up for Viking Conquest!

Viking Conquest

The game is going to bring together the talent of both teams and craft a single player mode which not only has the open world experience we've come to know a love from Mount & Blade but also a well woven story where choices have real consequences. Online battles will also be a reality with new game modes that include coastal raids and warlord battles.

Viking Conquest Boats

Viking Conquest Defence

Viking Conquest Landing

Viking Conquest Raid

It all looks as chaotic and frenetic as you've seen in the past but a few things seem to have had a nice graphical update which is nice. There's also some really nice water effects going on there and the idea of a proper coastal raid, leaping off the boat to attack a town, is pretty epic. I saw this completely by accident this morning and couldn't be more excited.

If you're into your games like SAGA or any other Dark Age wargame on the tabletop then this is a game you'll want to try out on PC. Let's hope this comes sooner rather than later!

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