New Gangs Join Great Escape’s The Chicago Way & Dead Man’s Hand

April 11, 2023 by brennon

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Great Escape Games are going to be releasing four new gangs for you to use across two of their 28mm Historical wargames. You'll find new miniatures on the way for Dead Man's Hand and The Chicago Way!

The Boys - Dead Mans Hand

The Boys // Dead Man's Hand

The first set of miniatures that we're going to be taking a look at are The Boys (above). This set comes with eight metal miniatures featuring The Rancher and (your eyes don't deceive you!) a band of young gunslingers who have come to help from the local school. The set comes with kids armed with all manner of different weapons including revolvers, shotguns and rifles and even though you might not think so, they could end up being quite the tough band to deal with!

Mark Evens worked to sculpt this collection of miniatures and all the others that you're going to see as part of this preview. That fellow sure can turn his hand to anything!

The second set of miniatures is for The Bucks!

The Bucks - Dead Mans Hand

The Bucks // Dead Man's Hand

Another fantastic set of miniatures. A shared hardship and identity brought this gang together under the leadership of Buck Elba. Whether they are going to be a gang keeping law and order or engaging in a few criminal pastimes, we shall see.

Of the two new gangs that we're getting for Dead Man's Hand, I think this one has got to be my favourite. You've got a superb set of miniatures that would be excellent to paint up, allowing you to go in a different direction from your standard gang. I suppose that could be said of both of these gangs, to be honest!

Both of these gangs come with additional Faction Rules for Dead Man's Hand. The Bucks come with The Harder They Fall (I see what they did there) and Rough Justice. The Boys have Never Underestimate A Kid, Small Target and Living In His Shadow.

New The Chicago Way Gangs

As well as fighting on the mean streets of the Wild West frontier, you are also going to be able to pick up two new gangs for use with The Chicago Way. The first of these gangs find their way shipping over from Birmingham to set up a new criminal enterprise.

Peaky Blinders - The Chicago Way

Peaky Blinders // The Chicago Way

Swapping Small Heath and Digbeth for Chicago, these British gangsters are going to be diving into all sorts of dirty dealings and showing the Americans what for! Much like with the gangs for Dead Man's Hand, The Peaky Blinders get new rules including Scapegoats and Lay Of The Land and the seven miniatures come armed for a proper scrap on the tabletop.

You'll notice some familiar faces amongst the different miniatures above and I would bet that there will be a fair few people looking to snap them up as their themed gangs for The Chicago Way. I think they would also work particularly well when dropped in as a "third party" in your games. I like the idea of the Games Master controlling them during a Chicago Way campaign and using them to upset the fortunes of those who think they have control of the city.

Last but not least, we have The Bootleggers who are also looking to carve out a slice of the pie in Chicago.

The Bootleggers - The Chicago Way

The Bootleggers // The Chicago Way

Often overlooked, these Bootleggers are seeking to stamp their mark on Chicago and maybe step up from just ensuring that there is a steady flow of alcohol into the city. The Bootleggers come with rules that include Let's Get To Business and Maybe You Just Don't See The End Of It. I do like that Great Escape Games are working a lot of these thematic elements into their gangs which in turn means that games feel just that little bit more exciting on the tabletop.

Again, an awesome set of miniatures that would be a lot of fun to paint and bring to life. I like the idea of trying to get that suit pattern right! I would reckon you'd want to cheat and have a go with some paint pens.

These miniatures can be pre-ordered right now and will be available at Salute from 22nd April. Make sure to watch out for them!

Are you going to be getting your hands on these new gangs for The Chicago Way?

"Swapping Small Heath and Digbeth for Chicago, these British gangsters are going to be diving into all sorts of dirty dealings..."

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