Another Nostalgia Hit As Time Commander Returns To TV!

August 1, 2016 by brennon

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It seems like we really are living in the late 90's and early 2000's as Time Commanders is going to be returning to TV thanks to a shout out from the BBC asking for teams to apply.

Time Commanders

If you don't know what Time Commanders is you can watch one of my favourite episodes of it above. See if you can guess why! It pitted a team playing as an Ancient army from history, split into both Generals and Captains, against another army from the period in a Historical clash.

Rome Total War #1

It was a fantastic show that got my already History loving brain working overtime. It was even better when you met the various experts who watched over the team - especially, Mike Loades (A military history and weapons expert) who is just brilliant.

Rome Total War #2

The show used a version of Rome by the Total War team at Creative Assembly and was only slightly modified on occasion to fit the needs of the battle they were fighting.

Now, of course Rome II exists so hopefully we'll be seeing them bringing this to the forefront for their battles.

Rome II Romans #1

While this might sounds excellent the game has suffered from some criticism in terms of the way units behave so it will be interesting to see how it all works on TV. Successive expansions have made the game infinitely more playable however which is good.

Rome II Romans #2

If they get this right then we're going to have an excellent show to look forward to. I loved this when I was younger and even went back and re-watched a lot of the episodes when they appeared on Youtube last year.

Do you think you could command mighty armies on Time Commanders?

"It was even better when you met the various experts who watched over the team - especially, Mike Loades..."

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