Perry Miniatures Start Loading An Armstrong 12 Pounder

October 28, 2014 by dracs

A new weapon for the British Infantry of the 1860's is taking shape on the sculpting table of Perry Miniatures, an Armstrong 12 Pounder breech-loading field gun.

British Armstrong 12 Pounder

British Armstrong 12 Pounder Firing

British Armstrong Breech Loading 12 Pounder

The great thing about these WiPs is the variety of sculpts Perry are using for the gun crew, allowing them to be assembled and fielded in a manner that shows the gun off in various stages of firing. This means that, should you choose to field a full battery of them, they can be laid out in a way that makes them look more like a diorama, giving the army a bit more life to it.

How do you think this gun is looking? Can you tell us about its history?

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