Peter’s Paperboys & WoFun Games Tinker With Flat Forces

February 18, 2020 by brennon

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WoFun Games and Peter's Paperboys have been tinkering on some goodies for the near future. The folks at WoFun are going to be working with the illustrations by Peter Dennis and creating a new collection of plexiglass flats for use in your historical games.

Wofun Paperboys Preview #1

WoFun and Peter's Paperboys threw together some tests using the Jacobites & Redcoats range which Peter worked on a while back and you can see the result of their work above. Instead of cutting out each of the units with a craft knife you instead pop them out of their plexiglass frame and just pop them into a base.

I think this take on Peter Dennis' collection of artwork is a neat one indeed and it seems like the two companies agree. According to social media, the folks at WoFun are now going to begin work on creating the Texan Independence War collection in this new material.

Wofun Paperboys Preview #2

Of course, this isn't going to be the material for everyone but I know that Gerry, in particular, is quite a fan of the options from WoFun. This effectively gives you a few new options for tinkering around with historical armies on the tabletop. You could either go for the cheap option and pick up the paper offerings from the Paperboys or go to that next level and pay extra to get the plexiglass alternative.

The Paperboys were quick to say that they wouldn't be swapping over to this format so if you're a big fan of paper crafting you still have plenty to look forward to. As a nice alternative, I can see this being quite popular, especially with the artwork from Peter Dennis taking things to the next level.

What do you make of the WoFun option?

"As a nice alternative, I can see this being quite popular..."

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