Pre-Order a Panzer from Plastic Soldier

May 14, 2014 by dracs

If you're looking for some tanks to support your 15mm German infantry, then you might be interested in The Plastic Soldier Company's new set of Panzer III's that have just gone up for pre-order.

German Panzer III

German Panzer III Assembly

When it comes to tanks I am admittedly something of a newbie, getting lost as soon as a vehicle gets much bigger than a Citroen C1. Here's what Plastic Soldier Company have to say about the set:

Easy Assembly plastic injection moulded 15mm German Panzer III Ausf J, L, M, N tank. Five vehicles in the box and each sprue gives options to build either an early J, late J, M, N or Flammpanzer and comes with 2 crew figures, schurzen and a variety of stowage.
- The Plastic Soldier Company

German Panzer III Variants

The variants available in this set will let you build the Panzers that you need for your specific army. Plastic Soldier's 15mm sculpts tend to use slightly more realistic proportions than the standard Flames of War minis, but they still make for a useful addition when building your force.

Have you ever used any of The Plastic Soldier Company's tank kits?

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