Set The Stage For WWII With Cold War Urban Terrain On Kickstarter

July 21, 2017 by stvitusdancern

There is a little campaign going on right now on Kickstarter for some MDF terrain so you can build an urban battle ground for your next modern warfare game.


The 15mm/20mm WWIII Cold War Urban tabletop wargame terrain is designed to be assembled in many different options depending on the size the of the table or battlefield your looking at.

Each tile is one-foot square and has simple connectors. On top of this, you place roads, sidewalks and your buildings to create an urban war zone.

There is even an option for an elevated roadway, a nice touch if I say so myself. All in all, it is a pretty simple and straightforward solution to creating a gaming table full of terrain.

While it is not tremendously detailed it will look pretty nice all painted up with some other scatter terrain.

Are you looking to take your battle to the gritty city streets?

"There is even an option for an elevated roadway..."

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