Tabletop-Art Digs In With New Trenchs.

January 6, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Tabletop-Art has shown some pictures for their WIP for their upcoming 15mm trenches and gun emplacement.

Trench Sets

Not too many details have been released with this announcement, but from the pictures these look to especially crisp and being modular will add a lot to anyone's gaming table.

Trench Sets 1

Trench Sets 3

Trench Sets 4

With the interest in WWI gaming I can see these being a big hit and you could also use them in Tour of Duty or some other 15mm Vietnam game to set up firebases and Special Forces A camps. These look to be made of resin, but it is hard to tell. I will definitely be keeping an eye on these to see what progresses out of this.

What do you think of these? Could you use them in your battlefield?

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