Unlikely Allies Join Forces In Grey For Now’s Test Of Honour

May 27, 2019 by brennon

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Grey For Now Games has shown off one of the expansion boxes coming during the relaunch of Test Of Honour. Meet these Unlikely Allies.

Unlikely Allies - Test Of Honour

"An isolated tea house is under attack. The hostess and her clients band together in its defence - peasant and samurai, ronin and priest forced into an unlikely alliance. "

This immediately brings to life an awesome scenario as these characters have to put aside their differences, be they cultural or class-based, and defend the tea house against bandits.

The characters can be used as one characterful force but they can also be dropped into an array of different forces too. So, maybe you could tell the tales of Ronin and Monks beyond just this tea house scenario.

The full set contains...

  • Hostess - elegant proprietor - don't underestimate her!
  • Ronin Marksman - crack shot with a musket
  • Clan Envoy - high-ranking samurai, able to summon reinforcements
  • Wise Old Man - with years of experience and local knowledge
  • Priest - kneels in prayer to inspire his allies
  • Ashigaru Deserter - hated by his former comrades
  • Watchman - searches out enemies in the darkness
  • Blacksmith - sharpens blades and hits things with hammers!

As I've said before, it's now becoming harder and harder to avoid getting into a samurai-based miniatures game. I know there are lots of them out there but Test Of Honour looks like it has a nice level of finish to it, especially with the updated second edition of the game.

You can see more information on what has changed with the new edition of the game, including how Honour and Dishonour work, HERE.

Will you be picking up this set?

"...it's now becoming harder and harder to avoid getting into a samurai-based miniatures game"

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