Victoria’s Matilda Tank Continues to Shape Up

July 9, 2014 by dracs

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Victoria Miniatures have revised their design for the upcoming Matilda Tank and have just published the renders for all to see.

Matilda Tank

I believe the basic design of Victoria's Matilda tank is that of the Matilda II, a British Infantry tank that was deployed during the Second World War. However, the obvious rivets and larger gun make it look more scifi in style to my mind, of the sort you would expect either Orks or Imperial Guard to bring with them.

The Matilda tank will be rolling out soon, as will a new set of wheel accessories that Victoria are releasing.

Artillery Wheels

These wheels will be useful as conversion pieces, the different sizes making them well fitted for whatever artillery pieces you might have.

Can any of you tank buffs tell us anything more about Victoria's take on the Matilda?

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