Wargames Factory’s American Rifle Company Help You Win WWII

March 24, 2014 by dracs

Wargames Factory have released the 15mm scale American Riflemen unit that they have been teasing us with, ready to join the battles of WWII in games such as Flames of War.

American Rifle Company

American Riflemen

American Riflemen 2

American Riflemen 3

If you saw this weekend's For the Love of Vlog you would have heard our discussion about the different scales and proportions on the market. These Wargames Factory 15mm are, I believe, more realistically proportioned than those used in Flames of War so they will appeal for those of you looking for a bit more realism to your models.

Still, the sculpts themselves are pretty good and will match in well with WWII 15mm games. In the box you can find 92 figures in total: 52 riflemen, 8 riflemen with grenades, 10 sergeants with Tommy guns, 2 radio operators, 6 BAR operators, 4 bazooka operators and loaders and 4 officers and 2 snipers.

American Riflemen Sprew

American Riflemen Bases

How do you find Wargames Factory's 15mm minis compare to those of the Flames of War range?

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