Bring HiTech Miniatures’ Mutant Guns To Bear

June 17, 2013 by brennon

The 17th of July brings with it another model for HiTech Miniatures. Check out the Terrorizer's General Wrath that would be perfect for adding to your Chaotic horde...

Terrorizer's General Wrath

As you can see it would be a rather epic looking Obliterator for use with Chaos Space Marines. Both guns look to be a Plasma Cannon and Flamer but with all the mutations and warped armour plates you could easily explain where all the other guns are coming from.

I actually think these are better than the official Games Workshop Obliterators since they have a bit more character to them and it's always nice to have an original element to your army.

Will you be gunning down foes with this guy?

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