HiTech Miniatures Get Mechanical with Lord Exhorder Prime

October 8, 2012 by brennon

Another Sci-Fi Lord has been released by HiTech Miniatures. Check out the hulking Lord Exhorder Prime below with his rather mighty looking axe and that deadly shoulder mounted cannon...

General Lord Exhorder (Front)

General Lord Exhorder (Rear)

The model as a whole isn't too bad. I don't really like the scenic base, but the Lord Exhorder himself is fairly good. I'm liking the big mechanical axe and the shoulder mounted style cannon is pretty cool. The only thing about the cannon that bothers me though is that the arm holding it looks a little weird.

He would make a good Tech Priest for your power armoured loyalist forces, or even a Chaos Lord for the Iron Warriors?

What do you think of this latest addition to the HiTech range?

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