Spread Word Of The Dark Future Thanks To HiTech Miniatures

March 24, 2014 by brennon

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HiTech Miniatures have another addition to their dark sci-fi line-up in the form of 28mm Hemaxis. See what you think of this mechanically enhanced orator.


This is quite a neat looking miniature and the only criticism I would level at it right now is that the top of the staff is blank, and it doesn't look right at all. Away from that though he would be great for Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and Imperial G...Astra Militarum alike.

I do like the idea of armies spreading the word of the Emperor, or some other space deity, before a battle to get the troops psyched up for what is to come. Quite the hit from HiTech this time around I think!

What do you think of Hemaxis?

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