Check Out the Gaming Apparel of Toyz in the Hood

July 24, 2012 by brennon

Now this was an interesting little story that dropped into our inbox today. Steve Yates, an employee of Warlord Games has decided that with so many video and computer gaming t-shirts out there, we are in desperate need of some tabletop gaming ones too. Check out his range of t-shirts at Toyz in the Hood!

Lucky Shirt

Teddy Vs Lego

Say HelloThis is How I Roll

Nice minimalist designs are great for gamer t-shirts and they feature gaming memes that while most people won't get, will be awesome when someone twigs it. I particularly like the 'Lucky' shirt and 'Say Hello to My Little Friends'. Both of which would suit me, who is lucky with his die and talks to his models on almost a regular basis.

I'm not odd I promise! The range is set to grow steadily so how about a few suggestions below in the comments for cool t-shirt ideas?

Let your imagination flow!

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