Play Like Wheaton on a Geek Chic Table

May 31, 2013 by dracs

Today a friend pointed me in the direction of a site which I just had to share with you guys. Have you ever dreamed about getting yourself a table just for gaming? Well Geek Chic have you covered with their range of furniture all designed with the gamer in mind!

Geek Chic Vizier Gaming Table

Geek Chic have some rather stylish looking gaming tables available, providing you with a dedicated play area with all sorts of hidden draws, book rests and other mcguffins to help keep all your gaming gear together. There are even specific shelves to hold your dice on!

Geek Chic Dice Shelf

Geek Chic Dice Tower

Sizes range from smaller coffee table or desk type affairs, suitable for smaller games and just sitting down to a painting session,

Geek Chic Minimalist

Geek Chic Minimalist Open

to larger scale affairs big enough to fit your entire adventuring party around.

Geek Chic Sultan Table

The Geek Chic range of gaming furniture is apparently quite well known in the gaming community, especially as it is one of their tables which Wheaton and Co. gather around every episode of Tabletop.

Geek Chic Emissary

I was rather impressed by the range of items Geek Chic have on offer, all geared towards geeks and gamers. As well as gaming tables we can find storage and display cupboards and even a fold down desk for the DM.

Geek Chic The Keep

Geek Chic GM's Valet

Geek Chic GM's Valet Unfolded

I think I can safely say that this is the sort of thing any gamer geek would want if they had a) unlimited resources, b) a place to put it and c) having a place to put it, not having a partner who doesn't want the room taken over by your obsession.

Any of you played on a Geek Chic table?

Thanks to Jo for bringing this to my attention

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