Prepare to Set Sail With LITKO’s Latest Markers

January 24, 2012 by dracs

When preparing a cruise on the seven seas one must always be prepared for any situation. Now you can be with LITKO's range of markers tailored for high seas naval combat. Shiver me timbers!

A lot of these could easily find use in games such as Uncharted Seas or Dreadfleet and will help you to easily keep track of everything happening as your game progresses.

While your looking at the range of tokens LITKO have be sure to check out this latest release.

To me this Forest Dial just serves to highlight the wide spectrum of possibilities LITKO's items cover as I find it hard to think of a use for this. Possibly in a wargame scenario involving a set amount of time to escape from a burning forest?

So do you think you might pick some of these up? Be sure to leave us  your suggestions for any possible uses you can think of for them.

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