Having Trouble Keeping Track Of Your Miniatures?

September 18, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

So, you are at a tournament and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of miniatures and models all out in the open, how do you keep track of what is yours? If you are like me, you can tell by some markings on the base as I use a paint marker on the underside to identify mine. Well, now I have found someone out of Australia  who has started a campaign on Kickstarter to offer chips for your minis.

NFC Chip

Not actual chip

Yes, microchips just like you would your dog or cat to identify them if they ever got lost. It is a novel idea, but I am not sure how well received it would be by the general public and I still have several question about how this would work, unfortunately there is not much information on the Kickstarter page. My biggest question is how do you program the chip in the first place? According to the campaign page you can use your cellphone NFC reader to scan the mini and read the chip, but does not say how it's programmed. With all the talk of technology being incorporated into our games I thought this was an interesting subject for one to consider. The cost of chipping your minis could be high, so do you just chip the bigger more costly models? We here at Beasts of War are always trying to bring you guys new and innovative ideas to enhance your gaming.

What do you think? Is your current system working for you or do you need to go high tech?

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