Basicks Explore Deserts & Ancient Races With New Bases

February 19, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for more bases then Basicks have a selection of new ranges for you to enjoy. Below you will see just some of the bases in their Desert and Mosaic range...

Desert Bases

Mosaic Round Bases

The Desert Bases are simple but effective in their design, with the dunes of lost lands taking the place of ruins or an oasis. I like the simple dune look which also allows you to add your own bit of character from the bitz box. A skull here, a piece of ruined masonry there.

The Mosaic is also very impressive and must be a hell of a lot of fun to paint. Depending on the paint scheme you give them it could cover historical, fantasy or even sci-fi if you so desired.

Fantasy Windows

They also have this set of Fantasy Windows for using with your terrain pieces. If you're looking to build a large structure then this could provide a nice focus piece, or just somewhere to stick guns out of and fire on the enemy!

What do you think?

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