Cyber Undead Bases with Puppets War

February 11, 2012 by brennon

We saw some cool looking painted versions of both the Cyber Bike and Insects last week, but check out these new bases now available from Puppets War, the Cyber Undead Bases.

Cyber Undead Base #1

Cyber Undead Base #2

Cyber Undead Base #3

This is just three of the five bases that you get in the set. While some of them look nice and practical for mounting your figures others might involve a bit more work than just sticking them down. Either way to tie an army together some nice scenic bases are always great.

Also if you remember the renders we showed you not long ago, you might recognise these heads recently from the 3D printers...

Puppets War Head Preview

Looking good so far and will be great when these are finally released. Seems Puppets War are seriously upping the ante!

Going to grab those Cyber Undead Bases?

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