Dragon Forge Send Your Minis Down a Rocky Path

April 19, 2013 by dracs

Dragon Forge are going to bringing out a couple of new Slate bases to send your miniatures over the rocky roads of the battlefield.

Dragon Forge - 20mm x 20mm Slate Bases

Dragon Forge - 20mm x 80mm Slate Bases

Dragon Forge - 60mm x 100mm Slate Bases

Dragon Forge - 25mm x 70mm Bike Bases

Dragon Forge - 20mm x 70mm Hero.

As you can see these bases have a fairly simple sculpt, which would be well suited to many different types of miniatures. Depending on how you paint them they could also depict a range of different environments, from rocky volcanic slopes to a snow covered mountainside.

I particularly like the slightly raised base for your mounted heroes. It is just begging for some sort of epic pose, of a leader of a group of bikers gesturing his squad on to death, or glory, or both.

Do you fancy picking these up from Dragon Forge, or do you prefer to make your own miniature bases?

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