Massive Skulls and Cobblestones from Evil Mushroom Games

March 14, 2012 by brennon

You will always need bases, so maybe these new sets from Evil Mushroom Games might be for you. Check out the Skull and Cobblestone Bases from them below...

25mm Cobblestone Bases

These Cobblestone bases don't seem to have been helped by the brown paint scheme, but if you painted them up proper flagstone colours they could be quite nice. Saying that, the brown style here means they could also be used as farmland bases for your WWII troops fighting in rural France?

40mm Skull Base

Yes, more skulls! The Blood God will be pleased with this. The top of the skull has been flattened off making it easy to mount a massive character model. Also it wouldn't be hard to adorn this with other bits and pieces to make it your own.

Liking either of these sets?

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