Model Display Products Show off the Blasted Ruins of War

April 17, 2012 by brennon

Check out these new bases from Model Display Products showing off the ruined landscapes of war. Plenty of ideas going through the old brain matter when I saw these.

Rubble Bases...

Rubble Bike Bases

40mm Rubble Bases

25mm Rubble Bases

Paving Block Bases...

60mm Paving Block Base

40mm Paving Block Bases

25mm Paving Block Bases

Some pretty good looking, if simple, bases. Nice and flat for good posing and with enough detail to cover a wide range of different eras. While these seem made for Sci-Fi I think you could probably get away with using them for historical war gaming too, maybe even working in a few games that involve fantasy or steampunk?

What do you make of these new bases?

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