Paving the Path to the Grave with Titan Forge

March 8, 2012 by brennon

With the Flesh Reapers yesterday and a love of the undead at the moment with Warhammer Fantasy and the Vampire Counts, maybe these Graveyard Bases from Titan Forge could be something to add to your collection and give it a bit of character.

Graveyard Bases #1

This first set is 20x20 and includes a filler piece for a little bit of difference. Would love to have some shambling zombies around that statue to offset how pristine white it is.

Graveyard Bases #2

There is also a 40x40 set for your larger undead beasties. However why just mount undead on these? You could have a set of Empire troopers dedicated to Morr ready to repel the dead. Maybe a Skaven force that has made the graveyard its home. Could even use it in Historical gaming. Maybe your Infantry forces are moving in through a blown to pieces graveyard?

Plenty of uses, let your imagination go wild.

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