Textured Bases Made Easy Through Awesome Kickstarter

August 20, 2013 by brennon

If you're interested in getting an original looking base but don't want to go through the pains of sculpting it yourself then this might just be the Kickstarter for you. Check out these Base Stampers below...

Base Stamp - Battlefield

Base Stamp - Earth

Base Stamp - Street

If you think this looks complicated, it's really not. Here are the steps below...

What you will need to make great bases in three easy steps.

Modelling Putty, Texture Stamp, 25mm Round Base.

Step 1: Roll the putty into a ball and place in the centre of the base.

Step 2: Stamp down the putty and leave to dry.

Step 3: Paint and mount your figure on the base.

Base Stamp - DungeonNow that sounds like a simple but incredibly easy way of sorting things out. They have already been funded but you still have time to jump in on the action. As well as the basic 28mm bases they also do work for Bike Bases and Square Bases too.

A nod must go to rosspot83 for spotting this one!

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