The Scent of a Gamer…

May 2, 2011 by beerogre

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Do you like roleplaying games?

Have you imagined your character...

sketched them...

bought the miniature...

converted it to fit...

got the LARP outfit...?

But I'll bet I know the question that has made you awaken bolt upright in bed, clutching your sweat-drenched sheets and screaming like a madman...


Well worry no longer... rest will soon be within your grasp.

Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs have come to your rescue... they have tailor-made concoctions that will totally immerse you in your character. For, although there is no evidence for it, we know as a scientific fact that smell is the sense most connected with memory... or something.

Do you need your gaming party to not only face dread Cthulhu, but smell him too?

Then get your butt over to Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs and get yourself a bottle of concentrated Cthulhu juice to waft under the noses of your players.

If these guys could only turn some of their mixtures into deodorant, we could also banish gamer funk in a heady cloud of "scent of Orc"... smashing!

All kidding aside, I'm actually really impressed that someone thought of this... I think it's bonkers... but I think that's why I love it!

BoW Andy

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