Get Painting with Games Workshop’s Ultimate Paint Set

November 3, 2012 by dracs

Games Workshop have released their entire Citadel paint range in the new Ultimate Paint Set.

Citadel - Ultimate Paint Set

Citadel - Ultimate Paint Set Open

This new paint set brings you the entire Citadel paint set, all included in this robust shelved cardboard, which will allow to neatly store away all your paints rather than leave them scattered amidst the detritus of your desk like I do.

Now this packaging idea is much better than with previous collections of Citadel paint and would certainly be useful for people like myself, but in the end I think that its price seriously lets it down.

I know we usually stay clear of talking about the price, but it is quite a lot considering that you probably won't be using a good number of the paints on a regular basis.

What do you guys think? Is this thing over priced? Or do you think it would be worth getting hold of?

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